Atlantic International Capital CEO Richard Iamunno Explains the Benefits of his Company’s New Sports Marketing Program for Crypto Companies

Atlantic International Capital has long been a leader in the digital asset industry, offering investors a safe, regulated platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies and using cryptocurrencies to invest in a range of products. Richard Iamunno, AIC’s CEO, explains the company’s new sports marketing program for U.S.-based crypto companies and the many benefits it offers to digital asset companies and the sports industry.

Richard Iamunno points out that crypto companies have much to gain by sponsoring local, regional, and/or national sports teams. The promotion generates brand awareness, enabling companies to reach those who may not be familiar with the many benefits of investing in crypto. It stimulates brand excitement by associating crypto with well-loved sports icons. It boosts sales by bringing in new customers who may not have considered crypto investments otherwise. It can also kickstart an organic marketing campaign as those who share information about the sports event or team also share information about the sponsor. Furthermore, Richard Iamunno explains, the fact that most sports fans are in the 18 – 35-year age group is yet another plus for crypto sponsors. Reaching young people can help crypto companies turn their industry into a mainstream investment opportunity by boosting demand that will, in turn, encourage large companies to allow crypto payments on a growing range of products and services.

At the same time, the digital asset industry isn’t the only beneficiary of sports sponsorships, Richard Iamunno notes. Sports teams can benefit immensely from the additional monetary and practical support. Sponsorship provides funding for events, frequently covering promotional costs to bring in the largest possible audience. This, in turn, boosts sales of sports-related merchandise. It also frees team owners and players from having to worry about funding, so they can focus on improving their game. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on sports sponsorships, and it’s often the small teams and lesser-known players who are taking the hit. Some small and mid-size companies that used to sponsor local sporting events in the past are no longer able to do so as they need all the capital they have just to stay afloat. Even large companies have had to cut back on sponsorships as they deal with losses caused by ongoing supply chain issues, worker shortages, and inflation. It’s an ideal time for crypto companies to take up the slack, and AIC provides the platform they need to do just that.

Richard Iamunno has long worked to promote digital investments such as cryptocurrencies, and his company has been on the cutting edge of creating viable platforms to make it easy for crypto companies and investors to make full use of their assets. AIC’s new sports partnership program, recently launched at the University of Central Florida, has been hailed by UCF Athletic Director Terry Mohajir as “the perfect fit for UCF Athletics,” and it’s not hard to see why. As traditional sponsors struggle, digital asset companies are well-placed to take full advantage of all that sports sponsorship can offer and sports teams can greatly benefit from their financial support and tion for everyone as even fans benefit when their team has the funding it needs to boost morale and reach optimal performance levels.

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