Online investment in mutual funds

Most of the house of mutual funds, brokerage companies, banks have facilities to invest online in a mutual fund scheme in India.

Benefits of Online Investment:

· No need to visit the broker office or distributor.

· No need to fill out the application form manually.

· After the account (Folio number) is made to make an additional investment very easy and save time.

· By applying the e-pin from the company, it is easy to manage funds.

· Redemption or switch between one scheme to another just click.

· Account statement 24/7

· Investors can track investment 24/7.

· If you want to get maximum profit, you have to invest regularly and if you can invest in every opportunity to drop sensex, you will get the maximum profit. To do this the best option to make investment is an online investment.

Lack of online investment:

No personalization suggestion; Investors must make their own decisions.
Very few offers personalized portfolio trackers with facilities to add all mutual fund investments, including previously made through different distributors in the same portfolio.

To resolve the loss above, it is better to invest through brokers that provide value-added services such as flexible portfolio trackers with facilities including all investment records in one place. It is also better to invest through brokers who provide consulting services, some of them provide it free and some of them are charged for this service. This will really depend on you to choose paid services or free. If you adjust to mutual fund investment, it’s wise to choose a free advisor service. Many sites provide data on high-performance mutual fund schemes, ranking criteria are different and therefore cannot submit this data when making investment decisions.

Points must be considered when investing in a mutual fund scheme.

Horizon time: This is the most important factor. If you are a long-term investor, there is an opportunity to get a better return. In this case you can come out anytime when you have made a considerable profit.

Risk of taking talent: This is also the most important factor, if you are afraid of short-term losses, you must avoid investing in the equity scheme. In this case you must use a hybrid scheme or a pure debt scheme. Investing in pure debt schemes is more profitable than investing in banks & posts.

Diversification: It is better to invest in a diverse scheme for new investors. For customized investors, which are able to track investment and market conditions, sectoral schemes are the best choice, in the sectoral scheme that exactly important.

Diversification by the scheme: It is always better to invest in a different scheme of the top of the house of mutual funds that put all the money in a diverse scheme.

Past performance: This is the most important criterion and therefore a person must see the historical performance of the scheme. Consider the return for a period of 1 year, 3 years, 5 years and from the start will help you make a decision. A scheme that outperforms in all types of return categories is a safer choice for investment.

Invest regularly and if you invest when every market decrease will produce many advantages over a certain period of time, it is my own experience. My strategy to invest in every decrease in sensex by 2%. In the last years I have adopted this policy successfully.

Sadanand Thakur is an expert in mutual funds and exclusively provides advice on mutual fund investments. To find out more about mutual funds in English and if you want to have the same in Marathi, the option is also available here. Currently online investment in reliance mutual funds schemes is available on this site with instructions for new users. Using online investment facilities for regular investment is more profitable for investors. Invest online regularly when falling in BSE Sensex more than 2%.

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