Online Trading Academy Focuses on New Crypto Program

A leader in online financial education, Online Trading Academy has been making waves for years since it first opened its doors. With more than 85,000 students served, OTA has watched as former students became traders and investors by utilizing the skills and tools they learned from their classes. Now the hot online training academy is making news for its work in the crypto-currency field, specifically targeting the educational void that currently exists within the sphere.

Online Trading Academy Targets Crypto Education

Eyal Shahar has been the founder of the Online Trading Academy as well as its leader for more than 25 years. Having founded the business on the idea of advancing technology, Shahar understands how big crypto-currencies can become in the future.

Shahar says of founding his company in the mid-90s, “They didn’t have the skills and tools to trade responsibly. It’s no different today.”

Risk management and financial education have been the undercurrent to the work done by Online Trading Academy over the better part of the past 25 years. The throughline of technique at the school revolves around their proprietary Core Strategy method, which is included in every tier of education in the academy.

With the world changing rapidly thanks to cryptocurrencies and other industry disrupters, it makes sense that people would look to get a better grasp on the subject at hand. Merlin Rothfeld is the Senior Director of the Crypto Education Program at Online Trading Academy and he added, “We are at the precipice of a new economy.”

While much of today’s conversation in the world of ‘new economies’ revolves around cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, there is a lot more to understand. Rothfeld points to the concept of Digital Assets as the backbone for a program offered by OTA. Rothfeld says, “Digital Assets are so much more than Bitcoin.”

As crypto continues to reign supreme, Rothfeld understands how important it is to reengineer the conversation so that investors can better understand what they are getting into. After all, many people are making reckless decisions due to their Fear of Missing Out – otherwise known as FOMO.

Rothfeld says, “My greatest fear is that people are so excited, they have so much FOMO, that they’ll simply fly blind.”

Pointing back to the work done by Online Trading Academy, Rothfeld adds, “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

To help traders overcome this massive new world of digital assets, as well as its hurdles and pitfalls, Rothfeld says, “Whether I’m teaching options or crypto to someone who’s been investing for years, or someone just getting started, my mission is always the same: give people the tools to make smarter decisions.”

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